Project Details

  • Customer :Coastal Outdoor
  • Category :Website Design
  • Date :June 2019
  • Status :Completed
  • Website

Project Description

Coastal Outdoor Advertising Group operates a billboard advertising company in the state of New Jersey, Who has over 15 Faces of advertising space.

Coastal Outdoor had an outdated website that was not driving traffic, Had no search engine optimization (SEO) which made it difficult to find on search engines. They needed a new website and a minor facelift in some design changes of their logo and documents.

What We Did

Our team reimagined the website. Bringing a new layout and new calls to action to keep the user on the site for a longer time.
  • DesignThe client wanted the site to be simple, easy to read and quick to navigate. We were able to accomplish this by making a simplistic easy to navigate layout also changing minor design features of color, we were able to make a bigger impact.


Thanks to immense SEO Aiolytic Media was able to organically and quickly bring Coastal Outdoor from being on the 3rd page of google to the 4th place on the first page of google,

  • They now recieve 300 More page Views a week
  • 13 More Calls / day
  • Increase form subissions by 67%